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The Top five CCGs (where does your favorite place)

1. Yu Gi Oh! Can any card game stop the juggernaut that is Yu Gi Oh!

2. Magic: The Gathering: The King of all trading card games. Even after more than ten years magic still hots the No 2 spot.

3. Versus: The second Upperdeck CCG in the countdown after Yu Gi Oh! This superhero fare holds out against the number four contender.

4. Pokemon: Even with some erosion of it's players Pokemon holds in fourth place.

5. InuYasha: This new CCG debuts at number five knocking Duelmasters to number 6.

Yu Gi Oh card
InuYasha card
If you like Duel Masters get the downloadable cardlist here to keep track of the cards in your deck.
Mongoose games who brought back the Paranoia RPG game last year will unleash Paranoia onto the masses this August as a collectible card game. Check out everything they have to offer their website here.
Upper Deck is changing it's Yu Gi Oh! league program for the hobby channel and is suspending the release of Yu Gi Oh! league kits for six months as those changes take place.
TriKing Games and the History Channel team up to bring us the CCG Anachronism. In Anachronism you play with historical and mythological fig ,ures throughout history. Such people as Alexander, Hercules, Achilles, and Spartacus. Go to Trikings website to find out more about the game or visit their Artist Gallery and get linked to the home web pages of all the artists that worked on the project. Most of them have done great work for other CCGs as well and all their sites have their own galleries. Cool Stuff!
Joyride entertainment will launch it's Full Metal Alchemist TCG in August and sell it only in hobby stores. After the initial release in August there will be an expansion in October called Blood and Water. The initial set will have 260 cards, 60 card starter decks and 15 card booster packs.
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Fly to Amsterdam, play a TCG and win $40,000, sounds like you should be pinched to wake up from that dream your in. But not to Adam Horvath who did just that taking top prize at the Upper Deck Entertainment $1 Million Vs. System™ Pro Circuit Championship. Kinda makes me want to get into the whole VS. action. How many other TCG's have a million dollar pro circuit after only one year of production. 4/10/05
Triking Games