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Upcoming Movies
FF trailer

The Fantastic Four 7.8.05

I have a growing fear inside of me that you are looking at the best part of the FF movie right now. Somewhere between Chiklis in the Thing suit and Dr. Dooms lightning bolt across the floor bit has me worried. Not to mention just the look of the characters, For one Sue looks younger than Johnny who looks the same age as Reed and two these guys look like fanboys dressed up as heroes and not the heroes themselves. I won't even be able to allay myself with "at least I got to look at Jessica Alba" because I know she looks alot more naked in Sin City.

Sin City site

Sin City 4.1.05

Sin City looks like it will give Hellboy a run for it's money in the best comic book movie ever category, in week 2 it's already taken in 51 million in domestic box office and its leaving none of the I need pepto feelings in my gut that Fantastic Four does. With one of my all time favorites in both the male and female categories(Bruce Willis and Britney Murphy respectively) and three awesome directors this should be the Comic movie to beat this summer. Even if Batman Begins pulls down more at the box office I'm sure Sin City will still be better. While your at the official website try out the cool feature that let's you combine different elements to create your own wallpaper, it rocks!

Batman Begins Trailer

Batman Begins 6.17.05

Squaring up to be the best Batman movie since the 1989 classic, Batman Begins has big shoes to fill. Especially since some fan made films out there have garnered alot of attention and fans themselves. I myself wish they would have followed in the footsteps of Batman: Deadend and placed Batman back into a cloth suit. What do movie studios have against cloth anyway. Do you think they'll give Superman rubber nipples? It is one of the coolest Batmobile designs ever, looking like it's based on the Batman Returns Batmobile. So with a new start a new Batmobile and no schlock from Schumacher perhaps the Bat will make it back.


V for Vendetta 11.4.05

No trailers, nothing really on the official site but what we do know is that the ultra hot Natalie Portman will be playing Evey and that is enough for me to be excited about this project. From the Wachowski brothers, blah, blah, blah....did I mention Natalie Portman?

On T.V.

The Man-Thing 4.30.05 at 9:00pm on Sci-Fi channel/on DVD 6.14.2005

Well this should be on par with a major movie release of the 80's in production value, although it will be without the voluptuous Adrienne Barbeau (Swamp Thing).

official Watchmen movie site

Quick Hits

Joss Whedon (Buffy fame) is to write and direct new Wonder Woman film.

Mathew Vaughn (producer of Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) will direct X-men 3.

Ghost Rider release date set to 8.4.06

Ghost Rider poster from Cannes.
larger hell cycle
Click to enlarge Ghost Rider's Hellcycle:
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