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Welcome to our Creators Corner page for all you out there who are not satisfied merely with reading the exploits of your heroes on a monthly basis but want to create your own adventures for them (or your own creations) yourself. Here you will find tutorials, places to buy supplies, and all sorts of stuff that pertains to you, the creator.

First I think we'll start up with a few tutorials on how to color your comics in photoshop. Just follow the links below and learn on my friends.



Public Domain

What if you want to start your fledgling comic book company with a recognizable character but don't have the bucks to pay for licensing? Just start looking into all the works already in the Public Domain. "What's that," you ask? That's when a work is old enough to no longer be copyrighted in the U.S. and to get the skinny on Public Domain click here.


Licensing can be a tricky thing. Finding out who has the rights to that character you know would skyrocket you right to the top of the Diamond Comics Distributer's top 100 listisn't always easy especially if the characters original company has been bought or aquisitioned by several other companies. But have no fear with a little detective work it can be done. using the web to sniff out the trail and e-mailing some of the companies involved can often lead you to the right company. Once you've tracked them down ask to speak with someone in the Consumer Product Department or public relations staff. Like I said before this is not a cheap way to go and you could pay 5 digits or more for your uber-license.


You want to know all about copyrighting that new character you just came up with or that book you just wrote. Well your in luck chumply cause here's the link to the United States Copyright Office. So chill sucka!

"Get your How To Draw Books here!"
Buy Drawing paper
Get your drawing supples at Rexart.com and save!
Buy Drawing pencils
Buy Ink
Buy Markers and pens
Rex Art supplies
For writers
Links to cool sites for writers:
Dargonzine for over 20 years
For Writers
Indispensable writing resources
Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Links to cool sites for artists:
Animation Artist

Another Tutorial

Check out this animation artists link for an excellent tutorial on texturing skin in photoshop.

art critique forums
Elfwood site
zazzle turning ideas into products
graphic artists guild
job listing for artists
digital artist resources for artists
comic art links
web comics research and academia
Digital webbing want ads
the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning
Check this out if you want to publish a comic. Lot's of great info.
Perhaps you would like to submit your comics or other ideas to:
submit your idea to platinum studios
hollywood creative directory
Publishing Central
Sites of some great creators:
Alex Ross' website
gene colan
simon beasley's site
Holy Bible of the heteroway